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We strive daily to maintain a strong relationship with the Downtown merchants. We are available to help you anytime and we hope you will keep in touch with us. Please use this page a reference for yourselves and your team members. We are available to In addition assist new, potential and existing business and property owners. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you find this page helpful for your business needs.

The Economic Development, Marketing & Events team manages a private Facebook group for Downtown merchants including building owners and management teams. Make sure to answer the questions when you request to join!

If there is an emergency, we recommend calling 911. If the disturbance is not an emergency, we recommend calling Duluth Dispatch at 770.476.4151. You may also contact Chris McGahee at 770.497.5309.

The City maintains an excellent relationship with Republic Services and we are happy to help you determine if and when your dumpster was last emptied. However, you may also call Republic Services directly at 678.963.2800.

Waste oil spills are considered an illicit discharge by our Stormwater and Code Enforcement departments and should be addressed immediately. To dry up the spill, cover it with cat litter for a day or two. Once the litter has absorbed the oil, scoop the litter into a bucket and empty it into your dumpster. Contact Jessica Bianchi at 770.497.1790 to inform the department and share photos of the spill. In extreme circumstances and with guidance from the City, pressure washing may be required. 

The Economic Development department keeps originals and copies of all keys to assigned dumpster bays. If you replace your lock, a key must be provided to the City as the property owner. If you have misplaced your key or replaced your lock, please reach out to Kaitlyn Redish at 229.561.5276.

Please reference the question above regarding real-time information and follow the link to the private Facebook page. Merchants may also subscribe to the City’s weekly e-newsletter by clicking HERE. We encourage all merchants and staff to follow the City’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as Undeniably Downtown Duluth’s Instagram.

There is a cardboard dumpster reserved exclusively for Downtown businesses in the parking lot behind the Mathias Street Smarts building.

The City is bound by protocols that prohibit the promotion of a single business or business event unless it is combined with 2 other businesses. If you are putting on an event that is in combination with 2 or more businesses, please reach out to Talore Ruedt, Senior Outreach & Marketing Coordinator with the details of the event. The DDA acts as a private entity and can therefore promote a single business or event.

The City’s Planning Department is the primary contact for permits that may be required for updates. You can reach the reception desk in the Planning department by calling 770.476.1790.

If you are interested in selling your product outside of your building, you may reach out to Jessica Gross, Events Coordinator.

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