Pit Cook & Kitchen Member

Dreamland BBQ

Dreamland BBQ has been perfecting its legendary ribs with an unwavering commitment to a time-honored technique since 1958. Join the team and become a part of the legendary experience.

Job Description

Kitchen staff play a role in the execution of our menu items. Your responsibilities will vary depending on the role including food preparation, cooking, cleanliness, and ensuring food safety standards are met. You will work to deliver a high-quality dining experience to our guests. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Prepare and portion ingredients according to recipes and standards.

  • Prepare all ingredients while adhering to company techniques.

  • Marinate and season meats for grilling in the pit monitoring cooking temperatures and adjust as needed to ensure food quality.

  • Operate kitchen equipment such as stoves, grills, ovens, and warmers.

  • Ensure all dishes are prepared and presented according to company standards.

  • Coordinate with other kitchen and FOH staff to coordinate the delivery of food in a timely manner.

  • Adhere to food safety regulations and maintain a clean and organized kitchen area, including monitoring temperature on kitchen equipment and food items.

  • Properly handle, store, rotate and dispose of food following Health Department guidelines.

  • Clean and sanitize kitchen equipment, utensils, and workstations.

  • Monitor and report inventory levels of ingredients and supplies.

  • Assist in restocking inventory and notifying management of shortages.

  • Assist in general kitchen cleaning and maintenance tasks as needed.

  • Work effectively as a part of a team, communicating and collaborating with other team members.

  • Assist with training and mentoring new kitchen staff when required.

  • Be flexible and willing to take on various tasks and responsibilities as needed.