Dreamland BBQ

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“Ain’t nothing like ’em nowhere.”

Dreamland BBQ has been perfecting its legendary ribs with an unwavering commitment to a time-honored technique since 1958. The pitmasters at Dreamland take pride in grilling their pork spareribs over a hickory wood-fired pit, infusing them with a unique smokiness that sets them apart. These ribs are meticulously basted with Dreamland's signature BBQ sauce, creating a mouthwatering experience.

The outcome is nothing short of extraordinary – meaty, full-flavored ribs that boast a distinctive pull from the bone, showcasing the culinary expertise embedded in every bite. Dreamland's Southern-style BBQ sauce, the heart of their renowned flavor, is exclusively vinegar-based and carries a hint of heat that leaves a lasting impression. For Dreamland BBQ, the journey to perfection has spanned decades, resulting in a culinary legacy defined by an unwavering commitment to an authentic and time-tested barbecue experience.

As the aroma of smoke fills Downtown Duluth, Dreamland BBQ invites you to savor its full menu of time-honored classics and experience its commitment to the southern barbecue tradition.